Employment Information & Application

Kelsch Associates, Inc. is a private social service agency, which provides residential and day program services to developmentally disabled adults and adults recovering from mental illness. Our Mission says it all. We are dedicated to serving individuals by empowering them to live personally fulfilling lives. Our service is provided by a competent, committed staff through a consistent, caring, “family-oriented” and home-like environment resulting in consumer satisfaction, growth and a sense of belonging. The majority of the individuals we serve have a variety of social, vocational, and residential skills. We serve individuals with various disabilities, which include Intellectual development disabilities, deafness, blindness, cerebral palsy, epilepsy and paralysis. During our twenty-six years of existence, we have expanded our scope of services to include not only typical residential services (both CLA and CRRS), but also Family Living services and Adult Day Support (Adult Training Facility) services.

Exton, PA positions please fill out the application below and fax to Kristen Cordes at 610.363.7865.


Adult Day Care/Personal Care Worker

  • Is responsible for prompting our clients, as necessary, to increase independence in areas of need that include, but are not limited to, their skills in: daily living, recreational, socialization, educational, vocational, and personal adjustment.
  • Actively participates in the implementation of positive approach programs.
  • Supports and assists clients with daily living tasks such as hygiene, feeding, toileting, and exercising.
  • Is accountable for client safety and welfare including, but not limited to, fire safety, properly using and storing household products, storing food, and following traffic safety laws.
  • Partakes in the development of client activities and individualized programming.
  • Administers medication to our clients.
  • Is reliable in transporting clients to and from various program activities.
  • Schedule - Must work Monday - Friday and be available to be scheduled anywhere between 7:30am-5:00pm

Resident Program Worker (RPW)

  • Strives to increase clients independence in daily living tasks including, but not limited to, hygiene, cooking, household chores, eating, menu planning, grocery shopping, banking, budgeting, making purchases and using public transportation.
  • Assumes responsibility for client safety and welfare which includes, but is not limited to, fire safety, properly using and storing household products, storing food, and following traffic laws.
  • Actively participates in the implementation of positive approaches.
  • Maintains the cleanliness of the facility and vehicle, assuring both community and licensing standards are met. Awake overnight staff will spend the majority of their shifts completing these tasks.
  • Safely administers medication to our clients.
  • Assists clients in reporting signs and symptoms of illness.
  • Attends medical appointments to ensure our client’s health needs are met.
  • Takes responsibility in transporting clients to and from appointments and various activities.
  • Full Time (2nd shift); Schedule: Must be available to be scheduled anytime between the hours of 2:30pm and midnight during the weekdays and between 8:00am and midnight on Saturday and Sunday.  Days off are typically during the weekdays
  • Full Time (3rd shift); Schedule: Must be available to be scheduled anytime between 11pm and 9:30am any night of the week including weekends.
  • Full Time (2nd shift with weekday day hours and weekend hours); Schedule:  Must be available to work 3 shifts during the week between 7:30am and 5:00pm plus every Saturday and Sunday between 8am and 12 midnight.  Days off will vary during weekdays.
  • Full Time Day (37.5 hours per week)
  • Part Time Day(27.5 hours day shift); Schedule: Must work Monday - Friday (5 days per week) and be available to be scheduled anywhere between 8:30am -4:30pm
  • Full Time Weekend (32 hours per week); 16 hour shift on Saturday and Sunday
  • Part Time Weekend - (any amount of hours per weekend from 8 hours to 20 hours);Schedule: A 10 hour shift between 8am and midnight on Saturday and Sunday.  8 hour shift 7-3 or 3-11 on either Saturday and Sunday or both Saturday and Sunday.
    • Weekend only staff are not required to attend weekday staff meetings.  

Program Support Manager (PSM)/Resident Manager (RM)/Assistant Resident Manager (ARM)

The Program Support Manager (PSM) and Resident Manager (RM) are primarily responsible for completing tasks listed below. The Assistant Resident Manager (ARM) is responsible for completing those tasks in the absence of the Manager or when directed by the Manager. In addition to the duties listed under RPW, the manager will participate in the following tasks:

  • Gathers and shares information about client well-being and staff performance with the Supervisor.
  • Monitors and ensures that the residence meets Licensing Standards.
  • Designs the staff schedule for their site.
  • Coordinates and schedules our clients’ medical appointments to ensure their health.
  • Carefully monitors medication storage, supply, and documentation in the home.
  • Is responsible for fairly delegating tasks to all staff including themselves.
  • Sustains proper order of the client log, staff log, and transportation log.
  • Conducts client meetings to discuss menus, activities, and other concerns on a regular basis.
  • Is accountable for petty cash and client spending for their site.
  • Orients new employees to the agency and their site.
  • PSM (40 hours per week);  4 year degree Required; 2nd shift schedule(see above) with every other weekend off
  • RM 2nd shift (40 hours per week)
  • ARM 2 shift (37.5 hours per week)

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer. We will consider applicants for this position without regard to any category protected by applicable federal, state or local law, including but not limited to race, religion, sex, color, age, citizenship status, physical or mental disability, national origin, marital status, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, genetic information, veteran status or uniform service member status.