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About Us

Kelsch Associates, Inc. was established in 1977 as a residential service provider for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Our contracts lie with ODP and the Chester County Department of MH/ID.

Kelsch Associates, Inc. is a family-run business. Both individuals and staff feel like they are a part of the “family”. A major benefit to the individuals (and staff) is the longevity and accessibility of our administrative staff. An individual once noted that she wouldn’t change her service provider because there was no where else that she could go where the CEO would know her by her first name. Every individual involved with Kelsch Associates, Inc. is treated as a unique person.  We pride ourselves in knowing the intricacies of each person.

We have a true “open door” policy. We do our best to serve anyone. We are advocates of individual choice. We recognize that within that advocacy individuals also has the right to experience some failure in their lives. It has been noted by many that we are “fair”. We go out of our way to listen to all sides of an issue and recognize that there’s more than one way to do things.

We pride ourselves in being able to provide quality service by listening to the individuals and helping them to achieve their dreams in the safest, least restrictive and dignified manner possible. Our name is on the business. Anything we do is a reflection upon us. Consequently, we are always looking to do the “right thing” for those we support.

During our 45+ plus years of existence, we have expanded our scope of services to include not only typical ID residential services, but also Family Living services (Life Sharing) and Adult Day services (Community Participation Services). 

Our residential sites are located in Chester County and incorporate various levels of individual supervision ranging from 24 hour staff supervision to 30 hours or less per week of staffing supports (unlicensed).  Currently, we offer 20 CLA programs; which are licensed by ODP under the 6400 Regulations. We consistently receive full licensure during our annual inspections.

F.A.C.T., our Adult Day Program is currently located in Exton. We provide a variety of activities at the facility which include, but are not limited to, skill building, socialization, and community interaction and inclusion. We are dually licensed by OMR (2380 Regulations) and the State Department of Aging (PA Title Code 6, Chapter 11). Again, we consistently receive full licensure as a result of annual licensing inspections.

Presently, we serve approximately 50 individuals in our residential facilities and about 20 individuals in our ATF programs.

We also belong to the PAR (Pennsylvania Advocacy and Resource for Autism and Intellectual Disability), the statewide Provider Association and MAX Association (Moving Agencies Toward Excellence), the Provider Association for the Southeast Region of PA.  

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