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Jim Kelsch, the founder of Kelsch Associates, was motivated to provide service to intellectually disabled individuals after having grown up with family members who had special needs. Jimstarted the Agency in 1977and authored the Agency Philosophy to serve as a guiding document in promoting independence and assisting individuals in making their own decisions.

Jim devoted over 20 years of his life as CEO, until his retirement in 1999, ensuring the growth and stability of the Agency to enable it to continue to provide quality service into the twenty first century.  After retirement, Jim remained active in the future vision of the company until his death in 2009.

Inspired and mentored by their older brother, Jim, Tom Sr. and Jack opened Kelsch Associates, NJ in 1980.  Jack continues to run Kelsch Associates, NJ.

Tom, Sr. retired in 2015. Jim's vision is currently being advanced  at Kelsch Associates, PA, under the leadership of Daryl Kelsch and Kristen Kelsch-Cordes.

Pictured from left to right: Jack, Carolyn (sister), Tom, Sr. and Jim Kelsch

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