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Behaviorist and Medical Department

Rose Capuzzi


Rose Capuzzi began working with Kelsch Associates in January 2019 as a Residential Behaviorist. Rose works with our consumers who exhibit behavioral challenges and works with staff on how to follow interventions to help provide support to these consumers when challenging behaviors arise. She meets with consumers weekly to provide support in their homes. She brings ten years of experience in the field of Social Work to our agency. Her prior experience includes working as an Outpatient Therapist where she facilitated group therapy for adults who suffered from Schizophrenia, Loss and Grief Counseling Groups and Social Groups for individuals with intellectual disabilities and mental health disorders.

Rose has also worked as a Behavior Specialist Consultant with children and adolescents in the home, school and community setting to manage behaviors. She worked with families on understanding the function behind these behaviors, how to modify these behaviors and reinforce positive behaviors. Rose is passionate about helping others and her favorite part of working at Kelsch Associates is being able to see consumers daily and see growth in the individuals she works with.

Kim McCarthy, LPN

Medical Department Supervisor

Kim McCarthy started working for Kelsch Associates in December 2015. Prior to working for Kelsch she worked as a CNA at Camilla Hall while she was attending nursing school. She continued at Camilla as a nurse after graduation working a variety of shifts and roles. Her experience with geriatrics, dementia, mental health and physical disabilities translated well to Adults with Intellectual Disabilities. Kim is passionate about the care of the individuals, advocating for their needs and staff education for the better care of the individuals.

She promotes the individual’s involvement in their own health care, attending appointments and assisting them to communicate their wants and needs to physicians and therapists. She works closely with outside agencies for in-home therapies, pharmacies, and hospice to enrich the team that cares for our individuals.

Prior to becoming a nurse, she completed her BA in Visual Studies from University of Lincolnshire and Humberside in Hull, England where she lived for 4 years. She has worked as an artist and an art teacher for the Chester County Art Association before life lead her to nursing. When she is not at Kelsch, she likes to be outside anywhere…woods or ocean, lake or stream. She enjoys her friends and her family, but most of all her dogs, that travel with her everywhere. 

Brandi Trego

Licensed Practical Nurse

Mayonna Brown

Medical Asst & Life Share Specialist
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