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Regional Support Manager (RSM)

Program Support Manager (PSM)

The Regional Support Manager (RSM) and Program Support Manager (PSM) are primarily responsible for completing tasks listed below, in addition to the duties listed under Resident Program Worker:

* Must be at least 18 years of age and have a valid driver's license to apply.

* Must be willing to travel to all of our Chester County locations: Downingtown, Exton, Malvern,    

   Parkesburg, Phoenixville, and West Chester

*Must be willing to change Attends

*Gathers and shares information about client well-being and staff performance with the Supervisor.

*Monitors and ensures that the residence meets Licensing Standards.

*Designs the staff schedule for their site.

*Coordinates and schedules our clients’ medical appointments to ensure their health.

*Carefully monitors medication storage, supply, and documentation in the home.

*Is responsible for fairly delegating tasks to all staff including themselves.

*Sustains proper order of the client log, staff log, and transportation log.

*Conducts client meetings to discuss menus, activities, and other concerns on a regular basis.

*Is accountable for petty cash and client spending for their site.

*Orients new employees to the agency and their site.


Benefits: Personal time accrued monthly. Comprehensive medical benefits after 2 months of continuous employment.


40 hours/week

$26.00 per hour: Monday - F​riday

We currently do not hire outside of the agency for this position.


40 hours/week

1st or 2nd shift, Every Other Weekend Off

$24.25 per hour








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